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Java Developer

Job description


About the Role

We’re looking for Java Developers to join our ever-growing team of energetic and  enthusiastic software developers. The Developer (Core Java/J2EE) will contribute towards a particular module/s of work by bringing deep core technology expertise and relevant business subject matter expertise to the table.

What will you do as a part of the team?

  • Provide technical expertise for every phase of the project lifecycle—from concept development to solution design, implementation, optimisation and support.

  • Interact with a set of clients (senior developers and architects) to create technology specifications from business requirements for one of the modules within the project

  • Prepare the technical design of the more complex technology components within the module (one or more of client/web presentation tier, server tier, data access and data model, integration component, package function customisation).

  • Assist the architect in articulating the pros and cons of using a certain technology stack or component or design pattern versus another to the clients and project team and drives selection of technologies, designs to come up with the optimal architecture.

  • Drive the performance tuning, re-design and re-factoring for a module.

  • Contribute to designing and implementing the build, release process as well as system configuration and deployment characteristics of the application. Understands, and practices Continuous Integration.

  • Implement (hands-on) the module components based on industry best practices.

Skills you possess

  • Good in Data Structures, Algorithms and I/O.

  • Strong development skills in Java (Primarily JDK5+, but latest the better, Java 8).

  • Strong in software development process, test driven development.

  • Strong OO design skills & implementation of design patterns.

  • Experience with either Multithreading alternative concurrency paradigms is must

  • Good communication skills and ability to work with global teams to define and deliver on projects.

  • Strong experience with J2EE, Core Java (Serialization, Synchronization, Concurrency, Reflection, enums, Annotations, Generics, Loops etc), Frameworks/ORM tools (Struts/Springs/Hibernate/toplink/JPA/Ibatis etc.)

  • Presentation Layer (JSP/Servlet/Spring MVC/Rails/Grails/Play/Wicket/JSF/any), Web Services, REST, Databases(RDBMS/NoSql/Key/Value/any).

  • Build and Release, Systems Integration, Agile, Estimations/Planning, Client Management/Interaction.

About you 

  • Energetic and Gritty, with a 'roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes' Attitude.
  • Passionate about finding the best architectures and tools to take the team to the next level.
  • Curious an a Go-getter with a love for solving logic puzzles.
  • Open to feedback.
  • Self-monitored and competitive, you are able to work well with minimal supervision while achieving targets and goals.
  • Adaptable, persistent, and able to thrive in ambiguity - things change quickly in our fast-paced startup and you’ll need to be able to keep up!


Mandatory attributes for applying

  • Full time B.Tech/B.E degree (Preferred - Top tier engineering colleges) 

  • 6 months -2 years of experience 

  • Strong and innovative approach to problem solving and finding solutions

  • Excellent communicator (written and verbal, formal and informal)

  • Flexible and proactive/self-motivated working style with strong personal ownership of problem resolution

  • Ability to multi-task under pressure and work independently with minimal supervision

  • Ability to prioritize when under pressure

Selection Process

  • CVs will be shortlisted basis the requirements highlighted above
  • Shortlisted candidates will be sent a HackerRank test comprising of 3 questions
  • Qualifying candidates will be invited for the interview process

What we are looking at is a two way deal. The individual will be given all the opportunities possible to understand the business and details about the function for which he/she is selected. In return we want the individual to put their creative hats/thinking caps on and adopt an out of the box thought process.

So.. if you are up for the challenge… then jump aboard and we can promise you an exhilarating ride!



Imagine being surrounded all day by street-smart, confident and quirky people. Even if you’re not standing on the sets of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. That’s the nearbuy office in a nutshell. It’s a place where formality dies a slow death. (Seriously, the last time a nearbuy employee called someone Sir, s/he was probably standing in front of a professor explaining the doodle on the note they were passing in class.)

It’s also a place where people like to build new stuff (not necessarily out of Lego) and believe in odd things – like there’s something new to be learned every day and that ideas can come from anywhere. Honestly, we love exchanging ideas and everyone has an ‘open-door’ policy, whether it’s your reporting manager or the friendly CEO next door.

Actually, that was a lie – we don’t have an open-door policy. We don’t even have doors. We’re cool like that.

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Think casual Fridays are fun? Bahahaha, you deprived soul you.

At fun takes all kinds of bizarre turns. Whether it’s odd events (read Twin Day, Halloween Parties, Fashion Disaster, Retro Day), unexpected cake, random photo shoots (if you own a DSLR, you are our new best friend), stand-up comedy one-offs, well, you get the gist. Oh, and we take a very out-of-the-box approach to work. In this case, the box being the office…Because we have tons of team outings, get-togethers and trips. And this is not including the annual offsite where employees from all over the country come together for a weekend of activities, talent shows, dancing, awards, discussions and much more.

Still think wearing a T-shirt to work on one day of the week is fun?


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It may be a bit difficult separating your professional life from your personal life – because at, it’s like working with family. But in a good way. 


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